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Health and Human Services Interpreting - Level 1



Certificate of Completion Awarded for This Seminar



This seminar is available to groups only. Contact Us for details and pricing.



This is not your ordinary, one size fits all seminar! Let's face it, interpreting is a complex and demanding profession and no two people need exactly the same things to succeed. Panoltia is dedicated to your personal success! That means lots of interaction with your instructor, and personal guidance and advice tailored specifically  for you!



This two-day program is a hands-on, interactive workshop for bilingual (English/Spanish) people who provide interpreter services or who wish to provide interpreter services in health and human services settings.


Co-developed by your instructor, Yasmin Wurts Metivier of Panoltia, and Eta Trabing of the Berkana Language Center, this workshop has been the standard for Health & Human Services interpreter training since 1995.



Topics Include:

  • The Role of the Interpreter

  • Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Basic Interpretation Skills and Techniques

  • Note Taking

  • Handling Difficult Interpreting Situations

  • Preparing for the Bilingual Interview

  • Interpreter’s Code of Ethics

  • The New Latino Immigrant's Belief System and Cultural Differences

  • Incorporating Cultural Differences to Improve Communication

  • Role Plays Taken from Real-Life Situations (including health assessments, mental health assessments, social services programs, and more)

  • Terminology (including healthcare, children's health and development, children with disabilities, adult health assessments, mental health, social services, domestic violence, and more)

  • Community Resources Available to Interpreters

  • Professional/Career Development for Interpreters

  • and much more 




Yasmin Wurts Metivier


Click here to learn more about Yasmin's background and qualifications.






Participants must be bilingual (English and Spanish).



Training Materials Included:


Each participant will receive an interpreter's handbook and a glossary of HHS terminology. ($60 retail value).






This training is available to groups only and is not offered to the public for individual registration. If you are interested in bringing this program to your group anywhere in the United States please contact us for details and pricing.





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