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Simultaneous Interpreting




This seminar is available to groups only. Contact Us for details and pricing.


Simultaneous interpreting is quickly becoming the preferred mode at a wide variety of events because it is much more efficient than other modes and it allows for the instantaneous linguistic transference of information from one language into another. More and more we are finding this mode of interpreting useful for conferences, program presentations, safety meetings, group therapy and more.

This one day workshop is packed with the information and the hands-on practice you need to take your interpreting skills to the next level. Whether you're a School Interpreter, HHS Interpreter, or a generalist, this workshop is for you.


Topics Include:

  • Simultaneous interpretation techniques

  • Simultaneous interpreting settings

  • Improving verbal fluency, speed and diction

  • How to use and maintain simultaneous interpreting equipment

  • Preparing for a simultaneous interpreting assignment

  • Tips and best practices for simultaneous interpretation

  • Commonly used technical terminology in a variety of fields

  • Interpreter practice using simultaneous interpreting equipment

  • and more




Yasmin Wurts Metivier


Click here to learn more about Yasmin's background and qualifications.



Who Should Attend:


Formally trained experienced interpreters. This workshop assumes the participant has successfully completed interpreter training and has experience interpreting. Without training and experience the participant will not be able to effectively participate.





  • Successful completion of a formal interpreter training program that at minimum addressed fundamentals of interpretation, interpretation techniques, and interpreter ethics.

  • Experience interpreting in real world settings





This training is available to groups only and is not offered to the public for individual registration. If you are interested in bringing this program to your group anywhere in the United States please contact us for details and pricing.



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