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Health and Human Services Interpreting - Level 3


For our training participants who asked for more, here it is!

This one day seminar picks up right where Level 2 leaves off and focuses on Child Protective Services and Domestic Violence. As participants learn the program content, they continue to improve their consecutive interpreting and sight translation skills, and they learn the fundamentals of simultaneous interpretation. Developed in conjunction with HHS agencies, this program covers a variety of topics, including:
  • Ethics review with examples

  • Consecutive interpreting exercises

  • Paragraphs with more than 20 words

  • Hospice, Disabilities and other services not provided in Latin America

  • Sight translation - Child Protective Services

  • Child abuse and neglect

  • Interpreter practice

  • Police report - Evidence and documentation

  • Legal definitions and preparing a case

  • Simultaneous interpreting - DV victims’ stories

  • and more



Yasmin Wurts Metivier


Click here to learn more about Yasmin's background and qualifications.



Who Should Attend:


Bilingual (English/Spanish) people who provide interpreter services or who wish to provide interpreter services in health and human services settings.





Participants must have successfully completed HHS Interpreting - Level 1 (Formerly Community Interpreting - Level 1) and HHS Interpreting - Level 2 (Formerly Community Interpreting - Level 2)..







This training is available to groups only and is not offered to the public for individual registration. If you are interested in bringing this program to your group anywhere in the United States please contact us for details and pricing.





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